Spring Break 2011 Part 3- White Sands

Near the center of New Mexico lies the world’s largest gypsum sand dunes.  Our stay in the state would have been a failure if we had not stopped to explore the natural wonder.  It’s difficult to capture with words the bizarreness  of the area, I tried eight times and hit backspace deleting each description.

It was a very warm day when we visited the White Sands National Monument. (Being called a monument, I expected some sort of monolith or some other man made structure.  In reality, it’s a natural monument which still does not compute in my brain.)  The thermometer read close to ninety degrees, but once we walked out onto the dunes, it felt much warmer.  The sun reflected off the sands and back onto our bodies, though, because the sand is white it is cool to the touch.  There are a few grasses and small plants that somehow can grow in certain areas of the sands, but mostly it’s a 275 square mile sandbox for playing.  Oh, and they test missiles there too.

We buried the dog in the sand, and she loved it.  She’s old and always panting because she is so hot.  If she had her way, she would have never left the cool comfort.  Max decided he ought to be buried alongside the dog.

It wasn’t long before Max grew bored and resurrected himself and shorter still until he wanted to be buried once again.  The second time his burial was self inflicted and  incomplete.

White Sands National Monument is close to nothing, as most things in New Mexico.  However, if you have the chance to visit do not pass it up!

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