Thanks Mommy.

Ever since I have been married, The Max has been on his own at night.  I mean, he was almost all of the time anyhow, but now he doesn’t really ask to crawl into bed with me.  I miss it.

Mr. Pilver, had an out of town trip the past couple days, and I promised Max he could spend the night in my bed when he was gone.

The night came when I had half an empty mattress and Max and I both forgot all about it it when that nine year old’s bed time came.  I went to bed an hour or so later, I remembered.  I tip-toed into The Max’s room and lifted my now far too heavy for me to carry son in to my room and onto my bed.  He kicked, talked, and wiggled all night long.  It was mommy bliss.  When he woke up the next morning, he had one arm and two feet on me.  He looked up and say, “Thanks mommy”.  The Max remembered my promise.

He then hopped up and began doing annoying and loud tween activities.  I didn’t mind.  He called me Mommy for the first time in a long time.

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  1. Xylem says:

    Sweetie pie

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