Angry Birds Halloween

This post took me five days to finish.  It’s not particularity well written or groundbreaking, it’s just that I spent an absorbent about of time playing the game and have not given any attention to much else in my life.  Angry birds is the epitome of addictive.

Each month, since I have purchased the iPhone app (which is now available on many phones and the iPad) I make sure I defeat each level within a day.  I’ll take the next week to achieve the covetet three start point requirements.  After all this mind numbing fun I wait, with baited breath for the next month’s update.

October’s update was not an update at all, but a whole new app to buy and game to play.  The premise was exactly the same.  Instead of one theme with fifteen levels you got three.  In my mind, it was well worth the ninty-nine cent price tag.  All updates to the original game have been free, and I understand the developer’s greed in wanting to sell a new item, you don’t make money buy giving things away.

Take a look at the trailer for the Halloween edition of Angry Birds:

I would have bought the pig smashing fun if it had no holiday tie-ins, but the fact that it is aiming to be a pumpkin smashing and spooky homage to October’s greatest day, brought me back into the ‘ween spirit.

If you are like me, and watch youtube walk through videos to see how others have completed the levels, check out this user.

I am also dreaming about a possible Christmas version.  That would be fantastic.

I don’t push much, but for heaven’s sake, buy this game!

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2 Responses to Angry Birds Halloween

  1. Bad Pants says:

    I bought the first version entirely based on your recommendation, so I owe you a “THANKS SO MUCH, I LOVE IT, YOU’RE AWESOME!!!” that I never did remember to send.

    Also, I’m downloading the Halloween version as I type this. You rock.

  2. I don’t need any more addicting games around me. I have 3 kids. It would be an exercise in futility for me. 😛

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