The Girl Who Drives Me Crazy

Spending an abundance of time with one person will often create an annoyance cause by said person, whether or not they are truly and obnoxious being.  People need to take breaks from one another, I believe, in order to keep a relationship fresh.

So, if I have to spend one more day with myself, I might strangle…myself.

I’ve started trying to talk to the dogs, but they don’t talk back.  I visit the chickens and turkeys but they just pecked me as I feed them.  Max is always a good distraction, but I need to get out.

I have days off during the week now.  I am at home, solo, fending for myself.  It’s a good time, for about an hour.  And as soon as the house is neat and in order, as soon as I have baked as much as I can eat, I get bored.

I think I need a second job, just as an excuse to leave the house.

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killing spiders with my laser eyes.
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1 Response to The Girl Who Drives Me Crazy

  1. Oregon Sunshine says:

    As I was reading, I was thinking, “Grab a cup of coffee and a chair and just chicken watch!”, but I see you’ve already attempted something similar. Our chickens were relaxing and entertaining to watch, especially because we had a few Polish in the mix.

    I know how you feel. That’s how I felt on the farm last year when everyone else was at school or work. Now, they’re all home all the time and that drives me crazy too.

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