“OK, Let’s Do This”

Good Morning.  Have I ever told you how big a football fan I am?  Well, I’m not.  I know maybe-maybe-five players’ names in the entire NFL.   But that did not stop me from getting school-girl-styled giddy yesterday when the annual media circus surrounding Favre’s ever questionable retirement erupted.

I may not be a football nut, but I absolutely love having games playing on the television during the fall and winter months.  I don’t even have to pay attention, but the first sounds of overpaid large bodies crunching and whistles blowing seems to me the equivalent of autumns’ kick-off.

This changed a bit last year.  Brett Favre, the player who Green Bay boasted for almost two decades started playing for the cities arch-nemesis, the Minnesota Vikings.  I was living in Minnesota at the time, and this was HUGE.  This became a big enough factor that I began to actually watch football as opposed to using it as a soundtrack for crisp Sunday afternoons. I watched Favre lead the Vikings in two games where they beat the Packers.  That was friggin’ awesome.

Yesterday’s field trip made by three Viking’s team members to Favre’s home, to me, was not annoying and over hyped.  It was the perfect distraction from the stresses of day-to-day life and I considered it happy news.  Not often you get an afternoon of excitement to steal you away from the usual depressing stories splattered in the media.

Favre is going to have to stop playing at some point.  He’s forty and that’s like ninty years old in professional sports years.  But he’s fun to watch.  He’s a happy kinda guy.  So many people are haters about his flip-flopping around, but so long as he plays well, I say play.

Welcome back #4.

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5 Responses to “OK, Let’s Do This”

  1. zenestex says:

    Favre is one of the toughest SOB’s to ever play pro football. I hated him until the past few seasons. Now I can’t help but pull for the old man. If the Bucs don’t go to the Super Bowl (BAHAHAHAHA), then I hope the Vikes do just because of Favre.

  2. Jason says:

    I’ll let you know that I’m a Packers fan. At first I was upset when he went to the Jets. Yes I know Green Bay and Minnesota are arch rivals, but I hope he has another stellar year. Packer or not, he’s the greatest QB of all time and I’ll stand by that.

  3. Amy says:

    As you probably already know…






    I like your take on things too. It’s tiresome to have to listen to all the whiny whiners calling him a traitor. The man IS football to me. Nothing that happens this year will negate what he’s accomplished. I could gush forever, but I will save some for this fall. FAVRE4EVAH!!!!!!!!!!

  4. I just want him to decide if he wants to remain retired or not.

    I think Stephen Colbert put it best just now, saying that spending 10 minutes with his loved ones makes him think that he’d rather get pummeled by 300lb linebackers.

  5. Ally says:

    yayyayayay brett!!


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