Retro Christmas Commercials

Things I love:  Christmas, great commercials, simpler times (only if we consider the 1900’s simpler).  I have decided to combine all three in this next blog which will burst with awesomeness.  Let’s look at some Christmas commercials from the 1900’s, shall we?

You just don’t see kids in their underwear on TV anymore.

My all time favorite.  I love when the mom yells, “PETER!”  She actually says it quietly, be she should’ve yelled.  This is tied with the skating McDonald’s one, but I cannot show both.  Don’t ask why.

Fruity Pebbles.  Where greed is paused for the holidays and Barney can eat his pebbles in peace.

This commercial from Hallmark lets us know there was a time when turtlenecks were in style for more than just covering hickies.

This is a toy commercials, not very Christmassy, but it scares me.

It was thoughtful of Cinnamon Toast Crunch to think of alternate foods for Santa, but really, he needs finger food.  It’s no wonder this didn’t catch on.

Okay, so we all know it’s easy to find old commercials since Youtube debuted.  But if you know of one that is a bit obscure for the holidays, share it if you’d like.  I love them.

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3 Responses to Retro Christmas Commercials

  1. brian12566 says:

    I like commercials with old technology in them:

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