I feel like one of those old ladies…

I just love this stupid cat.  And now I want a cat.  And a new pair of mittens.  Kitten and mittens.  And a new purse that I saw on ebay.  I new pair of work shoes would be nice.  I ran out of scented candles, some of those would be good.  I bet if I had a crock pot I could make some killer chili.  My TV weighs 800 pounds, so I bet one of those new flat screens would be easier for me to move.  And the AC in my car is broke, so is the radio and the speedometer.  I could fix those, or just get a whole new car.

But, I just really want a kitty.

About kristiane

killing spiders with my laser eyes.
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2 Responses to I feel like one of those old ladies…

  1. Will says:

    They are worth it. Swazy says hi.

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