Hooray…wheee..zippity-doo-dah.  Tomorrow is my birthday.  I have spent most of this year working full time and then some.  Not complaining, I have a job and I like it.  Many can not say that.  Highlights of this year:  Trip to New Orleans is maybe the highest on the list alongside trip to Washington.  Went through a less than fun break up that inspired me to never again talk about dating on the internet.

The year I was thirty was hectic and busy and  I feel as though I accomplished nothing at all.   I’m not depressed about it.   I suppose we all need a year off from achieving goals 😉

I decided to do nothing for my birthday this year.   Well, there will be the infinity cake party this weekend.  Those are a blast.

So, here’s some more people who are 31 and famous.  Cause you care so much.

Ashton Kutcher, who is married to a 46 year old.

Ethan Embry.  I have an enormous celebrity crush on him.

Eva Mendes.  That girl from that thing.  I actually have no idea what she’s in.

Jason Biggs.  The guy who did the thing with the pie.

And K-Fed. Your idol and mine.

SO, I guess I’m in good company?

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6 Responses to 31

  1. Jeff says:

    Happy Birthday pilver lady!

  2. Alpinkart says:

    Eva is only 31? You look so much younger than her. I love you. Expect a midnight call. That’s right.

  3. Berdo says:

    Happy Birthday! I’ll have a beer for you.

  4. Greg says:

    Happy birthday!

  5. Will says:

    Happy Birthday!!!! You know I am 31 too. So yes, you are in good company! 😉

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