West is Best.

Last summer I came to a realization, I’ve gotta move.  Again.  Right now I am living in and loving Minnesota.  I spent my first fifteen years here and I have some family here and I adore the cold and snow.  Those were among the things I came back for after living in Washington state for ten years.

I always wondered if my time here was temporary. But, I had a reason to stay.  That reason is gone.  Now I’m missing the West with a deep ache.  Much of this revolves around the fact that my entire immediate family and about half my extended family lives in Washington.   My sisters are both there.  And good lord I miss them.  I have one sister with FOUR kids and if they are going to make me the favorite aunt, I need to get over there and spoil them.

So, it’s decided.  I’m moving.  I have been heading my thoughts this way for awhile and have not said anything because I have been afraid of voicing something unless I was certain of it.  But, I am ready.  The only downside is how much I will miss Minnesota when I leave.  Solution: Win Lottery and own a home in each amazing state.  Until that dream comes true, I’m gonna work on getting a Washington state driver’s license before July 1st.  It’s a goal.

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5 Responses to West is Best.

  1. Mark says:

    “Go West, Go West
    Where there’s fruit in every place
    a smile on every face”

  2. oshea12566 says:

    Go West young lady. Why the move?

  3. Amy says:

    Durr. Obviously I hadn’t read this yet when I asked you that. But…but…if you move can you still swing a (not re-)union?

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