Assignment: Forty-Five Minutes and Twenty-Five Cents

A few weeks ago, I posted a blog called Trust Me where I encouraged you to click on the link.   And, most of the people who read that blog, DID click on the link.

So, here’s another chance for you to trust me.  Here’s what you need: a friend (you can certainly go by yourself, but it would be best if you took a buddy), twenty-five cents, and about 45 minutes

Get into your car.  Drive to your nearest Chuck E. Cheese.  ( I guess this only works if you live within 20 minutes of a Chuck E. Cheese)  Find the game with the massive gorilla with two vertical metal handles.  Play it.  Laugh.  Repeat.

chuck e cheese gorilla

Remember to play it on the high setting.  If you do not have a Chuck E Cheese nearby, take a road trip.  It’s road trip season.

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3 Responses to Assignment: Forty-Five Minutes and Twenty-Five Cents

  1. Guise says:

    We used to have one of these in the local arcade, but instead of a gorilla it was Uncle Fester with a lightbulb in his mouth – there was another version too where you sat on a chair (of the obvious death row variety) and gripped the handles.

  2. Thomas. says:

    I totally would do that, except, when you are big like me, and you walk into a Chuck E Cheese, you get a lot of weird looks.

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