I have a problem.  I have a great deal of blogs that I have not published.  I have a great deal I have published and then later made private. The only reason behind these ‘top secret’ posts is that I ended up writing something more personal that I ended up wanting to share with people who read this blog. And then there are times when I do not even bother to write at all, cause I KNOW that I cannot share certain things with people I know.

I have discusses this with other people who write online.  I know I am not the only one who struggles with what is OK to share with everyone from people you never met to your boss at work and your dentist.  So, I went out and signed up for a new blog today.  I don’t know if I will ever make much use of it.   But if it becomes a huge success (is that possible on WordPress?)  hopefully you will never know it was me.  Unless one of the tales has to do with you, in which case, it will be very personal, so sorry in advance


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2 Responses to Anonymity

  1. kittymao says:


    I think I’ve done that once- wrote a blog post, set it to private, and then just deleted it.

  2. Guise says:

    I can totally sympathise here. I find it a huge problem at times. My blog started off on LiveJournal where I always mixed the daily life stuff with random postings, but when I moved to WordPress I decided that I didn’t want to be posting personal stuff.

    Recently though I felt more need to get some of the ‘headjunk’ out and didn’t want to put it on Facebook as that was far too friend orientated, didn’t want to blog it because that was a ‘no-no’ in my opinion, so it ended up in deviantart journal just to get venting done.

    Most of the private entries on my blog are just to avoid kids seeing them. Ha!

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