I’m *cough*thirty*cough*.  To me that is definitely adult.  I have a place, a car, a job, good credit and medical insurance.  I live the life I tell you.

So, now I am on the verge on my First Ever Real Life Vacation *not on the way to see family.  And I am a wee bit scared.  No clue why.  I have taken the 1700 mile drive to see my folks back in Seattle more times than I can count (OK, like 4).  But for some reason, driving with zero people I know at my destination or along the way is frightful.  My guess is mostly cause I am female.  If I was a dude, certainly my masochonistic ways would intimidate all the boogie men the world has to offer.

Anyhow, I am leaving.  I am ready and embracing the idea of seeing EIGHT NEW STATES!!!  I think, I may have to recount at some point.  I think I see twelve in all.  The only downpoint thus far is this: I get online, rent a car as the golf ball is reliable, but sort of like your ninty-five year old grandma who you don’t want to overwork.  When the choice of car comes up I choose ‘intermediate’ just between compact and standard.  So, I’m thinking something similar to the Accord I drive now.  That should work.  Ample space and still good gas mileage.  I get there and there is one choice, just one. I ask if I can upgrade to the higher class, I cannot. I will be driving a PT Cruiser for the next week.  the car that says, “LOOK AT ME…I THINK I”M COOL.  BUT REALLY I NEED THIS CAR TO PROVE IT TO YOU!!!  NO REALLY, LOOK AT ME NOW.  WHY AREN’T YOU LOOKING??”

I swear it said that when I got in.  Anyhow, the speedometer works, so that’s a plus.

Road trip posts a comin’ my friends!

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3 Responses to Nerves…

  1. Stephanie says:

    Don’t be nervous! I’ve taken plenty of solo vacations (have two coming up, in fact–one overseas!). Plus, you’ve got The Max with you…you’ll be fiiiiine.

    Well, the PT Cruiser may cramp your style a bit. But other than that, let the good times roll!

  2. mklasing says:

    If one of your states is Texas–and Houston is a stop (which is unlikely)–let me know and I’ll buy you lunch. Have a great trip!

  3. Amy says:

    IIIIIII know where you’re gooooooooooooing. But I won’t tell.

    You will be fine. I have pepper spray if you want to take a little detour. It’s on a keychain. Santa brought it for me.

    I didn’t catch when you are officially leaving (or if you have) but try to beat the crummy snow that’s coming tomorrow. Have fun!!!

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