A little song for the Postal Carrier.

A month ago, I lost my key.

Who knows where, you did not see.

I know your schedule, here at 9:50

You’re never late, it’s rather nifty.

Except today, when I have things to do

You made me sit around and wait for you.

…sit around and wait for you

At ten o’clock, I was not worried.

So, you slept in, your morning hurried.

At ten-thirty, I gathered my purse.

Hopefully, you’d be here before I finish this verse.

I have to leave dear postal carrier, I need to go

I’m picking up a car today, why are you so slow?

…why are you so slow?

So now it’s after one, my day is shot.

But do you care? My guess is not.

There is a check I need, in my mailbox

get here soon,  I’ll break the locks.

In one half hour, I have to leave

I’ll wipe my tears on the end of my sleeve.

…on the end of my sleeve.

…on the end of my sleeeeeeeeeeeeve.

About kristiane

killing spiders with my laser eyes.
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