Top 7 Best Christmas Songs pt 1

Last week I revealed the worst, now let’s think about the better ones, or rather the best. I am starting with modern songs. I may or may not do a classic list. And by modern, I mean since I have been alive. Don’t just think these are my own personal favorite. These have been scientifically proven through careful calculations and experiments to be the best of the best. Ladies and gentlemen I present the Top 7 Christmas (Modern) Songs of All Time!

7.Last Christmas-Wham!

George was so heartbroken here. Poor guy. But not THIS year, this year his heart is going to someone Speechaall!

6.All I Want For Christmas is You-Mariah Carey

Raise your hand if you always sing this song extra loudly in your car…higher, you in the back…yes, I saw you on the freeway in your pick-up and flannel. It’s okay, we all do it.

5. Deck the Halls- Mannheim Steamroller

The only thing I dislike about this band is that I cannot sing along to others when they play. Also, with a name like Mannheim Steamroller, I think they are huge hairy guys who could crush me in their fist, so I have to put them on the list so I don’t die.

4. Wonderful Christmastime- Paul McCartney

Screw you to every list that names this as a poor song. Anything with synthesizers is OK in my book.

3.2000 Miles-The Pretenders

This song is pretty and stuff. I should listen to The Pretenders more often.

2.Baby Please Come Home-U2

I love U2. I love Bono. Sure he’s gotten to be annoying and weird, but he made this song, which makes it all worth it today.

1.Same Auld Lang Syne

Man this is a splendid way to express the true meaning of the holidays. Sharing a six-pack in a car before the snow turns into rain=Poetry.

The bulk of the world only finds it acceptable to blast this music for the next 23 days, so get on it now. If you need help finding a place to stream a good mix online I suggest X-Entertainment’s Holiday Jukebox. And if you are craving some Jingle Bell’s in July you can find peace in knowing the site’s amazing webmaster keeps it up year round.

*One last Note*

Being as I am pushing XE already, I have to suggest some light reading at the online Advent Calender. It’s my newest favorite Christmas tradition. If you have a lot of time catch up with the previous years here. Or just jump into 2008. It’s like no other advent out there. No chocolate is involved, but it may be the only online calender with plots and conspiracies.

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3 Responses to Top 7 Best Christmas Songs pt 1

  1. Hazard says:

    Right on the money! Good job!

  2. Amy says:

    another YES out loud at work for #6 and #1, the rest are great too, but those two mean Christmas.

  3. How is 2000 Miles associated with Christmas for you? And it seems like everyone either likes Manheim Steamroller or Trans-Siberian Orchestra. i’m in the fan club of the latter.

    But I must sadly take off a letter grade by not including “Fairytale of NY” by The Pogues.

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