The Evergreen State

I have made it to Washington.  Currently I am in the teeny town of Oroville.  It’s hot and dry and I love it.  On the way here, my digital camera broke.  I am good at this.  This being breaking photographic recording devices just when I come up to the Billy Burger sign. 




The cell camera version will have to do.  This is in Wilber, Washigton.  Wilber is a very small town that we used to drive to at night time on the way to Idaho to visit family when I was in school.  This sign creeped me out, especially at night when the town was completely dark with the exception of Billy’s haunting face lit up in the distance. 

I am heading to the Puget Sound area tomorrow, meaning Seattle.  But I will only pause there.  Because…in the morning Delilah is going to be at her coffee shop and I am going to meet her…tomorrow…I am going to meet Delilah.  Yesssss.

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4 Responses to The Evergreen State

  1. essaytch says:

    Yeayer! Seattle and the PNW!! Wahoo!

  2. kittymao says:

    Beee-leee burgahs! Billy-Will should feel so charmed.
    And Oroville… that sounds familiar…

    Ooh! You’re skoochin’ right along near the border, eh?

  3. Amy says:

    oh my gosh, you are going to meet THE DELILAH? did you have your mom scope it out to make sure she will be there?

    see, dreams do come true.

  4. Billy says:

    I ……beside myself right now. Why am I not on this trip with you?

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