Errands are the Devil

I hate errands. You do too. It’s not so much that I hate them, but they are increased in time ten fold it seems when I have to drag max along.

My list for this morning was this:

go to park, for one hour

oil change

get gas

buy contacts at eye doctor

buy a book

Now, literally everything I had to do was within a mile of everything else. So I was thinking that I could whip it all out in three hours or less.

The park went well. Max only protested for about 5 minutes about leaving. So far, so good.

We headed down the street to the local Valvoline. There was only one other car there, so I figured I was in good shape. They had a sign that read, “We Check A/C” I am a sucker, so I bit. I walked upto the serviceman, handed him my keys and said, “I would like an oil change with the cheap oil, a new air filter, (I was well aware that they would rob me blind on that, but it was something I was willing to accept so I could save another stop) and could you please check the A/C.

They started their business and came in three separate times to the waiting room to ask me for things I already specified and for things i specified I had no interest in when I walked in the door. half-hour later the oil part was done, but they then were going to start the A/C charge….Half hour after that they informed me that my A/C was un-chargable.


I had plenty of time to browse the “store” here is a sample of the reading they offered.


There was also a computer in the shop, but they would not let me read blogs on it.

They attempted to sell me everything on this list.


I do not think he knew how to use this machine. ‘Cause it did not work.

OK, moving on. Got some gas, paid at the pump. I would have made it out in three minutes flat, except that Max insisted on washing the entire car with the gas station’s squeegee.

By now I am hungry, so we stop at Arby’s for some over-salted roast beef. We went through the drive-thru to save time, but upon driving away I realize my sandwich is frozen in the middle. Turn around, get a new sandwich, this time piping hot.

Contact time. Now, I have a prescription, and all I needed to do was walk in, give my name and buy my contacts and walk out. Instead, I am put in queue with the rest of the people who need to have eye exams. Bleh. Half hour later I have my contacts.


During my time there I found out that John Deere makes glasses…


…apparently so does this guy???

Finally, we walked into Barnes and Noble where I had previously decided that I would buy Max some chapter books for our road trip so that I could bring three books and have enough to read for two weeks, as opposed to bringing 14 books.

Why?! Why did I do this? There are seven billion books on their shelves and none of them looked interesting to Max with the exception of picture books or books with toys attached. Twenty minutes (which included 19 minutes of kicking and crying on the floor and one minute of book choosing) and we are out the door with three books in hand and one tear covered boy.

I was THAT mom in the store today.

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6 Responses to Errands are the Devil

  1. kweenmama says:

    Your post made me laugh. Oh how I remember those days!

  2. JoshC says:

    I once took a friends son shopping for new clothes/school supplies.
    I think the only thing I bought that day that wasnt Spider-Man themed was lunch, and I purposly did that to avoid full tantrum mode, I am terrifyed of full tantrum mode.

  3. Greg says:

    I was THAT mom in the store today.”

    I’m still laughing at this 30 minutes later. I’m not laughing at the situation, I’m laughing at the way you concluded the story. It’s that wit of yours that has me reading your blog every day.

    Those oil change places are such a ripoff. They do everything they can to upsell you. I drive about 3000 miles a month so I have to change the oil every month. Just as you said, they always pop back in to the lobby to tell you that your vehicle is in need of this or that even if it’s not true. I’ve called them on it enough times that they don’t try that shit with me anymore. For example, one of the techs came inside and said
    “Sir, you’re going to need a new air filter”
    I said “No, I don’t. You put that one in 30 days ago.”
    Another time I got this:
    “Sir, you’re wiper blades are shot, you should replace them.”
    I said: “Bullshit. They’re just fine. You put them on just last month!”

    I hate those places.

  4. Michael says:

    I’ve always wondered about those moms in the stores… what they’re day must be like, is this the high or low? Oh man…if it’s the high, God help them…

  5. kristiane says:

    Michael- Luckily those days are almost one for me, when Max was 2, I couldn’t go anywhere. Not that he was always naughty, he was at times, but the idea of sitting still while I told the deli lady I wanted roast beef was beyond his comprehension.

  6. kittymao says:

    I was one of those KIDS!
    I didn’t throw tantrums, but I would have full blown sulk-fests where my feet refused to work and you had to drag me to the car. I would also run from my mom in stores so she had to find me.

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