Blogger’s Block

I googled that phrase today, blogger’s block, that is. I was greeted with prompts such as, “Tell about a time you got really angry” and “Write about something controversial”. Blugh.

Thing is, the last few weeks I have behaved a bit blugh. I mean, life is good, really fantastic in fact. But ever since the pressure of school has passed I am feeling a bit numb. The weather is pleasant. My car is running smoothly. Even as I speak my Twins are beater the Rangers 9-0. Boooorring!

I need new hobbies for the summer. New terrific hobbies that I can entice you all with on a daily basis. But right now I am in my jammies while hollering every ten minutes or so to tell The Max to “Go to sleep already and stop jumping on the bed!”

So, I am going to make up fake hobbies that I do not have, and you will be impressed with my life.

-I am training for this summer’s Olympic Pickleball Team. I love this sport and am so glad it finally earned proper recognition.

-I started shellacing things. I haven’t found out yet what “shellac” means, but it’s a good sounding word.

-Me and doho are in the midst of our screenplay which will win us many awards. This entire project is being done over IM, cause doho doesn’t really exist.

-I finally built that bathroom darkroom I have wanted since freshman year photography 101. Ansel Adams has nothing on me.

-I am rebuilding a Gremlin. Right now my hands are very greasy.

There, that’s enough for now. I gotta run, pickleball practice is in 10 minutes.

Strange Search of the Day- “doogie howser basketball”

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9 Responses to Blogger’s Block

  1. Dan says:

    I can’t tell you how cool it is to finally meet another Pickleball enthusiast! I was so excited when they FINALLY made Pickleball an Olympic sport. Maybe now it’ll get the recognition it deserves!

    I’m with you on shellacing things. I can’t tell you how many things around my apartment need a good shellacing.

    Can’t wait to read the screenplay when your done and good luck with the Gremlin. I tried to re-build a Mogwai once… didn’t go well. Or did you mean the car? In that case…..uh…ignore that last comment.

  2. Galileo says:

    Pickleball? Ah yes, the great sport that is the pride of Paraguay. It will be tough winning the gold from them.

    I’m currently attempting to go through in my 2 Point plan to integrate my college’s Calvinball team.

    Point 1: Create a Calvinball Team
    Point 2: Integrate It.

  3. dohopoki says:

    Nice! I can’t wait to read my work. I know how you feel about the blogger’s block. I’m still not totally feeling the blogging right now but I feel a need to update anyway. Like I’m running from a tiger and if I don’t update the tiger will eat me.

  4. mklasing says:

    I’m not sure what pickleball is but on an unrelated and irrelevant note, I was roped into a contest at a church, dad’s and daughters event once where I had to pick up giant pickles with my teeth, run about 10 yards to a jar and drop it in with my hands behind my back. On the 3rd pickle I fell and broke my knee–that day really sucked.

    So if that is what it is–remember one important rule of the game–your arms do not have to be behind your back when you are running back to the pickles to get another one–it makes balancing hard if you are close to 40 and out of shape.


  5. Ben says:

    Any post that fits in “shellac” or any of it’s variants gets grade-A number one props from me! Huzzah!

    And who knew that shellac is the secretion of the familiy of lac-producing insects? Good ‘ol Wikipedia.

  6. dohopoki says:

    kb, I just just got first strange search of the day “Alexander Uijleman” A name that I don’t know, have never used and doesn’t even seem to be famous.

  7. kittymao says:

    I too have been fighting the Update monster. And I made a mad-huge update on my place, but it’s so… what’s the word I’m looking for?… not what any of the regular visitors would be interested in. Maybe I shoudl go tag it to interest random strollers.

  8. kristiane says:

    Seriously guys, pickleball is a real sport, and it is my favorite to play.

  9. kittymao says:

    wow. that’s weeeeeeeeeird.

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