Vacation, but not yet.

I cannot seem to think of anything here to write lately. Lately=three days.

I am getting ready for a road trip where I will stop and take pictures of large and or strange objects that sit on the side of highways and freeways. This is kind of a hobby of mine. So, I wasted the night making a video of some of the stuff I have seen in the past set to the Pet Shop Boys voices reminding me which direction to drive in. Enjoy. (lack of sleep caused this)

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12 Responses to Vacation, but not yet.

  1. kristiane says:

    Yeah, I just noticed how all the words got cut off, I rule.

  2. squee4242 says:

    That was amazing!

  3. Greg says:

    What an incredible job!
    I remember half of those images from earlier posts. This was so cool. Way to go Kristiane! It made me smile for the first time since Saturday.

  4. dohopoki says:

    Embeded Youtube videos have been giving me a lot of problems in that they’re not loading up half time anymore. I don’t know if it’s Youtube or me but I can’t see your video and I’m about to turn into the Incredible Hulk because of it.

  5. Dan says:

    Ok I gotta agree with what Josh said earlier, the Happy Chef is kinda creepy! On the other hand I can totally see needing jeans when you buy gas! And I’m curious, is there a statue of Sprout by the Jolly Green Giant? Sorry this is kind of rambling but I will say nice job on the video, and don’t worry about chopping off the titles, it still came out great.

  6. dohopoki says:

    Now I saw it. That was fun but I got to wonder about that World’s smallest church, I know of a very small church near where I once lived. I’m not positive it’s smaller but it’d be close judging from that picture.

  7. kristiane says:

    doho- I think there’s close to a dozen “smalest churches” in the US…4 on my road trip route. And no, this one is not the smallest, the smallest is 6 x 4 feet i think.

  8. Bell says:

    Hooray! Love the vid, but wish the text boxes didn’t cut off part of the pictures. They are really fun pics. By the way, I visit Bremerton. I am going in a week to B-ton. I have my itinerary all typed up, cuz’ I’m cool. I’m going to bloggy about it. It’s not as famous as your blog, but will you visit it anyways? I will blog daily!

  9. dailytri says:

    Nicely done! I’ve seen many of these “monuments” to middle America.

  10. Billy says:

    This is a perfect example of why God put us in states far, far away. Other wise we would be hanging out 24/7

  11. kristiane says:

    Billy- That’s a good observation. Also, we would probably annoy the crap outta all our friends. I mean, cause there’s be like 2 of you and 2 of me simultaneously. But we will someday meet. It will happen. And neither of us will have anything to say 😉

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