Classic Sesame Street

The first seven or so years of my life my family did not have cable. The kids down the street had cable. I didn’t even understand what it was. When it came time to watch television, I sat in front of out K-Mart brand set for hours. I usually tuned into PBS to see if Big Bird had blown Snuffleupagus’ cover as an imaginary friend.

Now my son has Disney Channel and Nick and Cartoon network. I spend time with him viewing things like Sponge Bob and Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends. I cannot, no matter how much I plea with him, get him to watch Sesame Street. It’s probably for the best. That show has changed so much in the past twenty-five years I don’t even recognize it now. I decided to take a trip back in public television time. I longed to see what I could rustle up on YouTube as far as Sesame Shorts I could remember. (While wearing Rainbow Brite pajamas.)

Me and My M

Classic. The singer’s voice is somewhat disturbing when it gets low.

Baker #10

Without Sesame street no one would ever know how to count. Thank goodness for that klutzy baker.

Kid’s eating ice Cream

Does anyone else have that one weird thing they remember and cannot get it out of their heads decades later? My weird thing is the little boy pressing his friends nose and cranking his stomach in this video.

Harry the Horse

Clearly these were made prior to the War on Drugs.

Near and Far

Go do this in front of the mirror right now, just like you did when you were 4.

Teeny Little Super Guy

My favorite Sesame “sketch”.

I swear, my current boss is just like this guy.

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22 Responses to Classic Sesame Street

  1. Kemi says:

    Thanks for reminding me. That “M” one was ridiculous, wasn’t it? 😀

    I always loved the llama at the dentist and the cats in the dollhouse.

    My younger siblings and I spent a Saturday afternoon looking up all the old clips on YouTube, and we were in tears most of the day. Hearing your 30-something brothers sing the “Milk, milk, MILK!” in a falsetto is sure to induce hysterics.

  2. kristiane says:

    HA! I had to look that milk one up, but I remember it. Man, they need to put some of those old clips on DVD.

  3. kris says:

    Thanks for the memories! I was a Seseme Street kid back in the day. Isn’t is Seseme Park now or something? Fucking blasphemy. My favorite was the counting to 12 animation that was like the inside of a pinball machine. Remember that one?

  4. kristiane says:

    Of course! And I can and do sing the song often.

  5. sarah says:

    Krissy, your post (on my blog) is funny because it wasn’t Joe that left the post. Also, I don’t understand what your saying (“weir?”)

    I love this blog entry though. I forgot about that hairy horse!

  6. sarah says:

    Hah! I just watched the sandbox one! I’m laughing! Joe’s upset because I am not watching the movie with him.

  7. Guise Dugal says:

    Near and Far from when I was four? This is still one of my favourite ways to bug my brother, creep up behind him and yell “Neeeeeear” in his ear and then back up quickly and say quietly “Far”.

    The Sesame animated shorts used to terrify me at times, I’m not sure why, but something about the animation style and sound effects/music.

  8. essaytch says:

    Ok, was I the only kid watching Square One?

    Mathman! Mathman! Mathman!

  9. Dio says:

    Square One!! I watch it! Man, I feel young again.

    I can’t believe I still remember the words to Teen Little Superguy. ^^

  10. kittymao says:

    Oh my GOD!
    I now have my FAVORITE Sesame Street song in my head-

    “We all Sing with the Same Voice-
    The Same Song-
    The Same Words-
    We all Sing with the Same Voice-
    and we Sing in Harmony! “

  11. Bell says:

    I just watched the Grover one without sound, and was laughing really hard here in the library. I encourage everyone to watch that puppet without sound.

  12. Bell says:

    I just showed one of my group project members this, and so he youtubed a freaky orange singing “Carmen”, and then he said “This always freaked me out as a kid.”

  13. kristiane says:

    Sarah- yes I know. Joe doesn’t seem very bloggy, I was just saying hello to whatever random Joe you attracted.

    Guise, I have a heck of a time trying to get to your blog, could you email me the url?

    I watched Square One as well, just not as often.

    Kitty- I remember that as well. That show had the grooviest tunes.

  14. Greg says:

    I only remember the Grover one because it’s been such a long time. I’m also of the Captain Kangaroo generation.

  15. kristiane says:

    I never watched the captain. He looked so creepy with that mustache.

  16. weathertop says:

    my 3 years old kid is a sesame street kid, we usually watch and sing together. Since he was 1.5 year I bought him many Sesame street DVDs.

    He also watch sponge bob and other disney, but until now still his favorite are Super Grover and Elmo 🙂

  17. Galileo says:

    This wasn’t inspired by my Muppet Show blog, was it? 😉

    Anyway…yes, no school like the old school. I was born in ’87, but many of these were still in rotation.

    Might I also suggest other standbys like Ladybug Picnic & The Alligator King (animated & voiced by later animator/voice at Pixar Bud Lucky)

    Fact: The “klutzy baker” in the Baker #10 vid was played by Jim Henson.

  18. Greg says:

    Oh, geez . . . I remember the baker too, I forgot to mention that one. I didn’t know that was Jim Henson.

  19. kristiane says:

    Galileo- No, but it’s kinda on the same subject. I was trying to get my son to watch some youtube with me after enduring his cartoons for awhile. (and thanks for the random fact, I am going to go re-watch it now!

  20. jspeer1130 says:

    This episode brought to you by the letter “A”!

    And what does A stand for? That’s right children it stands for APPLE! 🙂

    Kids these days are spoiled with all of the stuff they can watch…

  21. Meander says:

    wow…these are classic. sesame street was quite often my babysitter when i was a kid. thanks for the memories.

  22. I love teeny little super guy! So sad that I could sing along to the whole thing, still. Ah, good time. 🙂

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