This is me…venting.

By law I have to bring a piece of paper to the doctors along with my son so that they can OK him for regular daycare play. I think this is dumb. Why? Because by looking at him it is obvious that he is OK for regular six year old play. He will now have to have a full physical where they will listen to his heartbeat and look inside his ears and be weighed and measured. These are all things I can myself. But now I get the privilege of paying the doctors and nurses money that I don’t want to pay them so that they can tell me what I already know. I called them up to make the appointment and they said that to remain a customer at that clinic you must maintain regular yearly physicals. Why? I have no idea. I am lucky that I have a very healthy son and he has not ever been seriously ill. He has not had a physical in four years. Why would he? He’s been sick many times. But I rarely take him in for a cough or a short lived flu. Because people get sick. And when he gets sick he is quiet, which is rare. Why would I try to shorten my peaceful quiet time at home with antibiotics? And going to the doctors to have them tell you that your child is sick and needs fluids is retarded in my opinion. And expensive. The last time I did that I had to pay for very expensive chest x-rays so that I could be told my son had a cold. That’s the first and last time I ever did that. He also once caught pink eye from a little boy at his previous daycare and he went to the doctor and got some eye drops. The doctor told me to hang onto the eye drops in case he ever got it again he could just re-use them so long as they weren’t expired. I like this doctor. This I understand. I had to call seven clinics before I found one that was actually taking new patients. The eighth clinic can see him in 2 1/2 weeks. I think he would be able to be seen this afternoon if the clinics weren’t crowded with little kids who are just fine.

PS don’t call CPS on me 🙂

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