If you microwave the cat it will never be the same

I was browsing my local Salvation Army and I saw a microwave for sale. I had no intention of buying it as I have a lovely model already. This particular microwave was made in 1672. So, now you know what happens in the Urban Legend Cat in the Microwave Experiment:


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6 Responses to If you microwave the cat it will never be the same

  1. stephanie says:

    what the f?????? that’s really all i can think of to say……

  2. bob says:

    1672. Ye olde dead cat muste have kept welle.

  3. Dan says:

    You know I used to have a cat that I wouldn’t mind trying to microwave. Dang thing flipped out one day and clawed the crap outta my hand, I have the scars to prove it!

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  5. Halph Ast says:

    I tried to microwave my cat. It is Ok. but eveytime I cook something it taste like pussy

  6. Lauwke says:

    I like to microwave cats, its a been a dutch tradition tracing back years, the american people have thanksgiving, us dutch have catday during black history month

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