Birthday Tradition

It’s my birthday. I am officially 29 21. I went to work today, drove home in a snowstorm and tonight I will study for my finals. There doesn’t seem to be much excitement in birthdays after you turn 21. What’s there to look forward to? In exactly 6 years I am eligible to run for President of the US. That’ll be thrilling.
I never minded having a birthday close to the holidays. There is usually snow in Minnesota on my birthday. That makes it good enough for me. About 4 years ago my family started a new birthday tradition for me and my 2 cousins who also have December birthdays. We had pictures with our faces xeroxed onto a cake. The next year the cake had the picture of us holding the cake from the previous year, and so on. Sounds silly, and it is. But I love this new tradition and I am hoping that when we are 78, 90, and 80 respectably, we will have 65 years of infinity cake pictures.


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6 Responses to Birthday Tradition

  1. keywork. says:

    happy birthday late, i’m just hoping some of that cake finds its way into your garbage. raccoons heart cake. and shiny things.

  2. kristiane says:

    Leftover cake? Your funny keywork.

  3. keywork. says:

    wishful thinking. maybe there’s some frosting on the box that cake came in.

  4. Thom says:

    Happy Birthday! (Belated…)

  5. stephanie says:

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY! u r now officially older than me! For a little while at least!

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