What I am doing today…

… is sitting a diner in the middle of one of the Dakotas with the anxiety of day one of a road trip behind me.   I am sipping on coffee that can only be defined as awful but I have soaked it with so much powdered creamer that it is drinkable for it’s purpose of buzzing my mind enough that I will be able to sing along to the radio for the four hour stretch that I am about to give to the landscape.  At that point I will stop for gas and mutter something about how bugs gravited towards my windshield at a much higher rate while on these trips than they do while cruising on I94 on my daily trip to work.  My job just called to see if I am ever coming back. I told them yes, but not today, and possibly not tomorrow either.  Today I am going to stop and have a picnic at a rest stop but only during hours where they are heavily populated so that I can tell my father the truth when he asks if I am careful and cautious about stopping at such places.  Tonight I will sleep in a motel that is far removed from a hotel and I will unlock the door to my room with a key that is a key and not a slice of plastic with a bar code on one side.  In this room I will order pizza from the local pizzeria that is a hangout favorite among the young crowd in the town where there is nothing else for them to do at night time.  Tomorrow when I wake up I am hoping it will be foggy and rainy, because I am going to make it to Yellowstone for sure.  Driving through the mountains on your way to see Old Faithful shoot up in the sky is best when the air is soggy.  What I do after tomorrow is unknown, but it’s been awhile since I have seen Utah.  But the day after tomorrow is far away and I am still just sitting in this one horse town’s diner so I will decide that at a later time.


I am going to close my laptop shut and go to class.

I am definitely doing one of those two things today.

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4 Responses to What I am doing today…

  1. tg says:


    I know which one you’d rather be doing…

    But the other one is great, too.

  2. stephanie says:

    you had me fooled! i thought you might have lost it and took off…..

    but then i thought “the dakotas, who’d run away to there?”

  3. Billy says:

    Whoa! You had me going for a second. Beautiful writing by the way. It made me want to leave town too.

  4. kristiane says:

    hey, I was not aiming to fool people, but I suppose I am glad I did? Just killing time between classes. But if I were to be someplace else today it would be Yellowstone.

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