Early Internet

The first time I heard anything about the internet was probably 1995. Pat, who lived across the street told me he had spent a lot of time during the summer “surfing the net”. I thought because he played tennis he was speaking of a different sort of net all together. To be fair, this was in a town that had not yet provided internet access for students when I graduated in 1997. To this day is not wired for broadband connection

The last time I was in college the internet was a baby and I used it not knowing what the heck it was. We were allowed a half hour of online time in the computer lab each night. I knew how to get onto my now defunct hotmail account, and I could buy terrific clothing at the stores that had at that point bothered to set up websites. Beyond that, it didn’t capture my interest in any form.

This current journey through upper education has allowed me the luxury of never having to set foot inside a library. This is amazingly helpful as I would be required to bring along a little boy who has only one set volume which is full blast. I have a couple required classes this semester that have assignments of research projects just for the practice of researching. Now, since I hope to earn myself a degree in the area of writing I have been doing my research on the way that internet is slowly taking over some forms of print writing.What I have found it is definitely hitting daily newspapers hardest of all.

In one of my searches for early internet usage I came across this video that made me audibly giggle while wearing sweats and sitting at my desk at one am last night. I cannot tell exactly when it was made, but I am assuming it was from the very early nineties. In all fairness it isn’t meant to be funny, just educational and newsworthy. I am sure that it was the first anyone had heard of the internet at that point. Then I thought of what I would be like today if the web had come along ten or fifteen years later. I don’t like that thought and I choose not to think about it any longer.

Here’s the thingy:

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4 Responses to Early Internet

  1. tg says:

    Dude, this whole “Internet” thing is so clearly just a fad that will be dying out in the next couple months or so…just like Hoola-Hoops and Slinkys. Now, shoes with wheels on the bottom…THAT’S an idea with some staying power.

    Were those monochrome-screened computers they were using? Fisher-Price is really kicking ass in the electronics department, it seems.

  2. kristiane says:

    Fisher Price makes a fine product. Don’t knock it. 😉

  3. Billy says:

    I got drunk with this guy named Al and he claimed he invented this strange idea. 🙂

  4. kristiane says:

    Yes, crazy Al. If I didn’t know you better I could see how you had met one more famous person. But I doubt Mr. Gore is high on your list of people to meet 😉

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