Top 7 Places to Go on the Web

People constantly ask me, “Kristiane, what do you do while online for hours a day?”
“Well, besides being famous on the internet?” I always reply. Then I’ll add “Homework”

Well, that is not true. The homework part is, but my mind works in ten minute spurts and between the spurts of online homework I visit quite a few sites quite regularly. Here are my top 7 sites which are much more than seven, they just fit into seven categories and I don’t have a Top 23 gimmick going so deal with it. (and an FYI, if what is fun to me sounds like fun to you, you can click on the links and viola!)

7. The Weather
I am somewhat of a control freak and that includes knowing what my surroundings are going to be at all times. I am partial to for it is an easy name to remember. I wish there was a site called and as well, but I am happy to have the weather.
The other weather site that I go to is for the sole reason that it has a fifteen day forecast. Now in all seriousness, a fifteen day forecast is ludicrous. And I think the meteorologist who makes these just makes up stuff. For instance, today is the 1st of October. The 15th of this month according to accuweather, is going to include snow in the city of Saint Paul. How could I be this lucky? I am not, the forecast is a sham. I’ll update in two weeks to let you know.

6. Music
There’s not many sites I go to for this. There’s i tunes. There’s MySpace, but their selection is very small. BUT there’s also and it is a blessing in the disguise of a url. Go there. Now. Then make some stations and you will love it as I do. Then write the RIAA telling them to never ever take pandora away from us. I have already had my favorite local station replace by LOVE105. Click on it if you are brave and see what I have to deal with. Oh the load I must carry. But there’s pandora in my life now and things are going to be better now.

5. Newsy Sites is where I get most of my news from. It has actual news in a sarcastic disguise. is where I go to feel better about myself. Not really, and most recently TMZ might as well be, but whatever.

4. “Networking” Sites is a site I still sign into every day, but rarely do I spend as much time there as I once did. is a site I think I am far too old to have, and I never use it, but I have one and I think I have 13 friends there. I am more popular on MySpace. I think spending time talking about this makes me by definition a dork.

3. My “Friends” blogs
I italicize friends for some of the blogs I visit are written by people I have never met in person or that I may have met but that subject is up for debate.

My sister has one called where she discusses things ranging from politics to hilarious children’s kitten videos.

My friend Tim is my writing guru as he has a degree in it and can tell me when I am doing it all wrong. In all seriousness, every week or so he bangs his head against his keyboard and humor flows out.

Billy has things happen to him which are funny and embarrassing and lucky for us, he logs them all in his blog at

Pokerbob plays…poker. And his poker infused blogs are full of terms I do not understand, but the other ones are funny, and I enjoy them.

There’s many more that I go to I just want to move along to number 2.

2. ebay

Often I buy things here that I can get for a better price than I could in a store. This is what ebay is good for. What it is also good for is searching to see if they have the same backpack that you carried in the seventh grade that you insisted that you must have when your mother just wanted to sew you one.

This includes google, wikipedia, imdb, etc. If I want to know the lyrics to the Muppet show, if I want to remember why the girl in that movie I just saw looks so familiar, if I want to see what the name of the weapon that the red Power Ranger uses is, I can go to one of these sites and the mystery is solved immediately.

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12 Responses to Top 7 Places to Go on the Web

  1. Bell says:

    You spelled my website wrong. Please correct it so I get more than one hit per day. It is You accidently misspelled project with a ‘d’.

    A+ for this blog!

  2. Bell says:

    …however, I do like the mispelling with the ‘d’. it could turn into something. It’s chic!

  3. tg says: might be the second greatest website in the history of the internet…right after that one that had all those singing, dancing chipmunks. Those chipmunks are adorable!

  4. joey says:

    Hello, I suppose if it will make your day …

    You may recall me from Way Back When, although I now go by joey. Last name windsor? Anything? I virtually stumbled across your and your sister’s weblogs while perusing the “internet.” I will pretty much cut & paste this comment over there, so no need to compare notes. I am now briefly in Berlin, having just moved from Heidelberg, where I studied, lived, and worked (though not necessarily in that order) for a few years; I expect to return to “Amiland” somtime this autumn.

    Anyway, I just thought I would say hello, before the pilver sets in (it’s late here), and promise to check in on your weblog occasionally. Grüße, joey

    PS. Another friend had already recommended, but they block my access because I am in Germany. Rot, you nationalist swine!

  5. kristiane says:

    omygosh! Hi joe! Good to hear from you. It’s been, um, I have no idea, it was a long time ago. U2 concert maybe? 🙂 By any chance did you see the post I did on my seventh grade (your eighth grade) yearbook? Well, it might bring back some funny memories.

  6. Bell says:

    Whoa, dude. Joey Windsor used the word ‘pilver’ correctly! It’s spreading like wildfire.

  7. Bell says:

    Write a new blog. I need to laugh.

  8. Bell says:

    We need to do a joint blog/movie on our trip to see Jim Gaffigan. Last night I was telling some friends about the show, and I said he’s a big Scandinavian guy from India who talks about hot pockets(I meant to say ‘indiana’), and then I could not stop laughing at this mental picture.

  9. Bell says:

    Please find some time this weekend to blog. I need your humor! Adios.

  10. Billy says:

    I made the top 7?!?!? You rock! I feel honored.

  11. kristiane says:

    Of course, and you rock! been to Kinkos lately? Or did you find a new one? 😉

  12. Billy says:

    I switched to Staples and coincidentally I also use staples to make sure I have no more fly mishaps. 😀

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