rain, homework, and shoes with wheels

I have a rule for myself that I am going to break today. My rule is never blog as though it’s a diary, cause that is not what people want to read. However, I cannot think of a single thing outside the realm of my little life right now and I got some really cool shoes. So I am planning on recapping this past week here and now.

Today it rained again. I don’t mind the rain at all. I mean, I like to get outside for a bit each day, but it hardly ever rains all day. This week I think it has rained every day. The proof is in the four various pots and mixing bowls in my bedroom catching the drips falling from my 1920’s ceiling. I cannot be entirely angry about this. I mean, my landlord promised me “some sorta compensation” so I am sure it will all work out. And as snarky as that sounded, I actually do believe him. He also showed me the way to get up onto the roof of my building so that I could kick around the rainwater. This of course will move the leak to another room, or something. SO not only do I have the coolest apartment in the world minus a balcony now it is the coolest apartment in the world minus a balcony PLUS roof access. Next Fourth of July..party on my roof. (Freedom!)

SO, I do homework. Alot. And so far my homework has brought me mostly A’s and a few B’s. It would be greater if they were all A’s. Maybe next quarter, when I decide never again to take a Women’s Studies course.

I got new shoes. When I was younger I would get so dang excited about a new pair of shoes. I haven’t felt that way since my pair of boots I got when I worked in a mall in 1997.
But this weekend I decided to take some of my son’s birthday money and get him some Heelys. Those are the shoes with the wheels stuck into the soles. Being as I have child sized feet I got the same pair. She doesn’t have diamonds on the soles…she has wheels. It is the perfect way to utilize the wooden floors that I love so greatly in the apartment with the newly accessible roof where I do all of my homework.

Then end.


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4 Responses to rain, homework, and shoes with wheels

  1. tg says:


    You bought your son shoes with wheels on them? And then bought a MATCHING pair for yourself?

    Quick question: does your son know his mother is a nerd, yet? Or is that one of those realizations while sitting in his therapists off 30 years from now? Or better yet, when he’s sitting with his wife and kids around the breakfast table, and then with absolutely no warning he suddenly spits out his mouthful of orange juice, bolts out of his chair, and screams, “My God…I was raised…by…a…NERRRRDDDD!”

    Imagination is fun.

  2. Stephanie says:

    Im so jealous! I want Heely’s!

  3. kristiane says:

    In thirty years Max will not be married, he will be living at home like a good boy.

    Steh, they do have them in your size as well 🙂

  4. Bell says:

    A Lot. A Lot.

    This is the funniest blog. It is going to be hilarious when Max figures out that his mom is not like other moms. She’s cooler!

    (steph, you’re cool too!)

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