I am a minority…I guess

There’s a required credit that one must now take to receive a college diploma. It was not there the last time I went to school. Now every student must take a minority studies class. The minority that I chose to study was “Women of Minnesota” Yes, that is a class. So, I am studying a minority that I couldn’t possibly understand because the category is so obscure and who ever meets Minnesotan women around these parts anyways.

OK, sass aside. I hate the class and everything it required me to do. No, I don’t but I just have zero desire to even come close to attempting a grade higher than a C. Which means I just may get a D. Unless of course my instructor has an inclination to google her students and click on their blogs, in which case I am sooo gonna try my hardest and get an A.

The class touches on the past couple hundred years of the state’s history and the women who had influence in the forming and later on in the administration of this here frigid prairie land. It’s not chock full of feminism, although there’s a bit of that discussed. Now I am for equal rights and opportunities for women just as much as anyone else. I still do, especially as a mother, see the desire some have as a women to stay in the home. But this quote I found in my book just amazed me.

“Was there not a St Paul newspaper that asked in 1891 serious ‘psychological question regarding the the underdeveloped therefore uncomplicated state of the average women’s brain as compared with a mans?’ Would not the strain of college studies undermine womens physical and mental health, render them unfit for motherhood and in short upset the normal order of things?”

Wow, I mean, this wasn’t written yesterday, but it wasn’t that long ago in the realm of how many many “agos” there are.

So, I DID learn something from this class.

And apparently at 12:30am here in Minnesota WKRP in Cincinnati is on, so I am going to end this here and watch TV.

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5 Responses to I am a minority…I guess

  1. Billy says:

    Kristiane, I could be having the worst day and for some reason if you drop me a line and I am having a great day. Thanks.

  2. kristiane says:

    Wow, thanks. Billy rocks.

  3. Bell says:

    I am glad that that isn’t the majority of people’s views on women anymore. I guess… we always have Newt.

  4. tg says:

    I think it’s pretty clear that women don’t belong in college.

    I think it’s pretty clear that women should be in the kitchen, barefoot, pregnant, cooking me a steak.

    I think it’s pretty clear that women should leave thinking to men, because thinking causes wrinkles to form in their pretty little faces.

    I think it’s pretty clear why I’m single.

    In seriousness…when you get to the end of the class and you know everything there is to know about women, could you write a blog explaining it all to me? I’d appreciate it.

  5. kristiane says:

    1. Correct their grammar, they love that;)
    yeah, I will think of more later.

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