My New favorite Word, Again.

I start school today. I am a bit scared, but being as I really care this time I think I’ll do alright. I have two online courses which are different than the classes I took online 9 years ago. This time around there are videos and such. Graphics are much better. And I now understand the concept of a forum.

I also have “sit in the desk” classes and I am most happy about those. Those are actually going to give me writing assignments. One, in particular where I will have to write fiction. Something I really have never done.

The greatest part about school is the papers they hand out (or the ones I print) which have the entire course spelled out for you one day one. Yes, I mean the syllabus. But I get to say it plural, cause I have four classes.

I have…syllabi!

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  1. Billy says:

    I’m glad you had a good first day! The first days are always the toughest. I wish I studied cool stuff in college. Even now I am studying painfully dull stuff. It’s exciting to hear about how you are studying something you love.

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