Minnesota State Fair part 1

I went to the Minnesota State Fair today. It did not disappoint. I dragged my son to a million food on a stick booths and shoved him on rides. Just before we left I went over to the massive slide that you have to ride down on a burlap sack. As we were going down he hill I snapped a picture of him from in front of us. Basically I just put the camera in his face a clicked to see what he looked like while going down. I have to say he looks pretty happy. Like most parents, I’m sure, I worry about how he is enjoying his childhood. Today I think I did OK.

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2 Responses to Minnesota State Fair part 1

  1. Stephanie says:

    Best thing I ate-pecan roll
    long lost person I saw-Mark Hanson’s mom
    amount of money we spent-INSANE
    look on your childs face at the end of the day-priceless

    SO FUN!!!

  2. kristiane says:

    yes, we spent too much as well. I think just about thirty for parking and admission. Then of course about a million on food. My favorite is always the pronto pup. I took pics of Max with each food we bought. Today I got a call from daycare and had to go pick him up because he was not feeling well. I have a feeling it was a combination of too much junk food and dehydration. :/

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