The Cure/Fungus Head

A month from tomorrow I was supposed to be in Chicago. I was supposed to be seeing The Cure for the first time ever. Unfortunately they canceled their North American tour and postponed it until next spring. Grrr. The official press release said something about wanting to finish their new album and being able to incorporate it into the show. So, I choose to believe them. Why not. For real I hope it is so Robert Smith can get himself into some sorta shape. He used to look like this:

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So anyways, I was browsing through You Tube videos and decided this is my favorite video of the day. It is a happy one and it fits my mood. Not the visuals, I have no idea what’s going on there, just the song.

And since I am in a video posting mood, Click here for the Fungus head blog link. I posted this on MySpace last winter when I still worked at a place which allowed me to keep my computer in my vicinity all day. And it has some Cure in it too.

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