Top 7 Holidays

Christmas is, of course, the celebration of the birth of Jesus. Easter has nothing to do with whether or not the little girl from Sally Fourth gets the ears bitten off her chocolate bunny. Like it or not, however, holidays are commercialized. Blame Hallmark, or Target or your mom. I don’t care. I love some holidays for their intended meanings and origins, and others for their fluff. And some I love for both. Here are the seven greatest holidays for their place in my heart that may or may not have anything to do with their intentions.

Groundhogs day– I’m going to blame the movie.h1.jpg I saw this movie a million times. So have you. It’s not an Oscar worthy movie, but go ahead, recite the funny lines in your head anyway. And, Phil sees his shadow, which, in my heart is a great thing.

July 4th– I’d put this holiday up higher, but I always have to work on Independence Day. When I was younger it was the day of the BBQ and also the day I could have endless cans of coke out of the cooler without my mother telling me to knock it off. When I was older it became the day to blow things up. My parents of all people had quite the ragers on the 4th for the first half of my 20’s. The amount spent of fireworks for that one day would astound you. It became so their yard would be holding scores of people, camping and otherwise The firework show literally rivaled that of our towns’, it was certainly much much longer. One of the first years of the parties, soon after my father fell in love with Braveheart, he began to triumphantly yell, “Freeeeedom!!!!” after the larger mortar explosions in the sky.

h3.gif It has become his trademark, which is great, except when you are in the movie theater and the good guys win a battle. Those are the moments you sink down in your seat wonder what it is that I do or will do that Max will be embarrassed about.

Easter– I put eater on the list cause it , commercially, really only means candy.

And when I say candy I mean Peeps. h7.jpg

When I was 6 and we spent that Easter in Arizona. I recall being given an enormous chocolate egg that I was told I had to eat before we left because my mother did not want to try and pack them onto the plane. I ate it watching Superman on television on my grandparents white Arizona carpeting with my sisters and the cousins. Good day.

Talk Like A Pirate Dayh4.png

I just think this day is funny, especially if you can get someone to speak to you with long aaaaarrrrrrrrggghhss

Halloween- Everyone likes the dress up part. Then there’s the candy. Now that I have my son to drag around, I get to go through the fun of digging through his loot after he falls asleep. I take some of it. Not much but a few of the chocolate bars. Just digging through the stuff is mighty fun. And of course, there’s the great Martha edition that month, which I always buy.


Christmas (Both Eve and Day) What great holidays. The actual days are traditionally meant to be spent at home with family. Just about the only days of the year that are. Yes, the presents are fun and I have to admit I just love seeing Max open gifts. But as adults, really who cares what you get? It is the one day a year you are considered heartless if you don’t gather with family. Sure, there are some professions that are required to work that day. And a few recent years we have celebrated on the 29th or Jan 3rd or whatever. But, for that whole day it’s nothing but food and family. I love it. I understand many do not have warm memories to be all fuzzy about. Last year it was just Max and I at home. Everyone else was thousands of miles away. We still spent the day at home, eating and being together with nothing to distract us. I loved it.

Thanksgiving– It’s just over three months now until this day. I could not be happier. I get so antsy for Thanksgiving just because it is in itself a great holiday, but it is also the kickoff to the season of a gazillion twinkle lights. Here are my favorite thanksgiving traditions from the past years:
-the parade, dang yes.h9.jpg
-the Turkey coloring contest in the Minneapolis newspaper
– after the family went home on that day, we always got to put the tree and all the Christmas decorations up. and we always videotaped it. I am dying to have a day to sit down and watch all those old crazy movies we made
-Holidazzle. h8.jpg

I talk about it too much, but it’s fabulous. I think it should be an every city thing so that you can love it too. It’s a 5 times weekly parade from Thanksgiving night til Christmas. It is floats covered in lights moving through downtown and it is bundling up and sipping on cocoa that will surly burn your tongue but it keeps your hands warm.
-Black Friday. I have never actually done the mad rush to shop for cheap VCRs and talking dolls. I really do want to. I hear so many people scorn the idea, but imagine shopping all day as an event, getting near to all your shopping done, and getting great deals in doing so. And you are just throwing yourself into all that red and green and holiday music. Someday I too will elbow an eleven year old girl to be the first to get the 99 dollar television, someday you can too…
Three and a half months people, get ready!

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3 Responses to Top 7 Holidays

  1. Billy says:

    Best thing I have read in a while! I too dig Groundhog Day. I wish I included it in my 12 movies for 12 months. I may have to add another month and call it Billiaury or Kristimber to write about it.

  2. Stephanie says:

    I am a Black Friday girl myself. One of the best and most productive shopping days of the year in my book.

    I’m all for talk like a pirate day. Although, I think they only say arrrrrrgggggghhhh and speak with a lovely British accent.

  3. tg says:

    Your 4th of July story = Your dad is my new favorite person in the world.

    The next time I have to lead a bunch of sweaty men into a bloody battle against overwhelming odds with our liberty at stake (a problem I’m faced with more often than you’d probably imagine), I want your dad there yelling for us.


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