The greatest everyday surprises

Most days for most people are mundane. Wake up, dress yourself, get kids off if it applies, work, drive slowly on a freeway until at last you are in your home where you will clean for three hours before going to bed and then do it again. I really hate this form of living and am so delighted when the unexpected comes my way, even in the smallest forms. Such as:

Whoops Food
When a cook at work screws up a meal, we (servers) get free food. If you have ever seen chickens pounce on their scratch it is something like that when the plate is set down. Five hungry servers scrounging for a few bites before running out to greet a table is a sight to be seen.

Mail Order Catalogs

Nowadays it seems as nothing is mail order, but for whatever reason when I moved, I began to receive many many catalogs. When I get home from standing on my feet all day and see a new Ikea and Sharper Image catalog in the box I get happy. Although I have zero intention of buying anything from either place, I know I can sit and look at furniture and gadgets for a half hour before I do the dishes. It’s like getting magazines without paying for them

Rain with no Thunder.

Seems to be a rare thing in Midwest summers. But it’s so calm and seems much cooler when there is a steady rain and no worrisome weather that accompanies it.

Getting a new/old Myspace friend.
I imagine all of us nearly every day have a random friend from the past run through our heads. What brings them there varies from meeting someone new with the same last name or stumbling across old photos. But when you get a hey how ya been for the past ten years message in your inbox, it is a nice surprise. even if there is no chance whatsoever that you will ever be more than hey, hello friends.

Text messages.

I don’t know bout you, but I don’t use them much. At least not since I had three high school employees that used text as their main form of communication. So, when I get one it’s a surprise. Not always exciting, but never a bad message come through on the print. Usually it is something to laugh at. And I love it.

A great parking spot.
The nearest grocery store to me is walking distance, and for that reason we usually do walk. Another big reason for that is that the parking lot is very much too small for the amount of customers that patron this store. For a granola crunching city hippie type establishment there certainly is a lot of animosity when it comes to taking a place in the parking lot. But, on occasion, I will stop by in the car on my way home. When I get a spot within a few steps of the door without anyone in sight that also wants that spot, it is a great feeling.

Hidden Chocolate
I love chocolate. Every night I think I get a craving for it. I never keep it in the house for this reason. But once in awhile I will be scrounging the cupboards for a spoonful of peanut butter or something that will substitute for my obsession and I will find the last brownie from a package or a piece of candy that I had forgotten about. Those are good days.

And of course, the twenty shoved deep into the back pocket of your jeans.

Seems as though this money is always spent on a cup of coffee, or a movie rental or something unneeded. It’s like a free outing, so long as you can make an outing out of twenty dollars or less.

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2 Responses to The greatest everyday surprises

  1. Billy says:

    Last time I was at my folks house in Atlanta I was searching for old Halloween stuff to send to Matt and I looked in a box that had an unopened birthday car from my grandmother with $50 dollars inside. It was from my 12th birthday. As good as it felt to find $50 bucks, I felt bad that I never sent a thank you card.

  2. kristiane says:

    You are lucky then, your outing gets to be fifty bucks or less.

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