Family Fun Time, Interrupted

So, today I-35W bridge collapsed. Really tragic, and scary. I am extremely selfishly thinking of how this will affect my commute until the bridge is rebuilt. Let’s be honest, it could be years. Many of my friends and family knowing that I commute over the Mississippi between St. Paul and Minneapolis daily called, and I called people who I know do the same. The phone calls were all similar. “Oh, good, you’re OK” Did you see what happened?” My family is all safe, thankfully. They haven’t released any names as of yet, but my heart goes out to anyone having to wonder if a loved one is okay and to those who do know that they have lost someone.
The first call I got from my cousin was while I was in the refrigerator. It has been so hot and steamy here. Being as we don’t eat that much at home I took the little amount of food we had and put it in the doorway of the fridge. Then I took all the shelving and drawers out and me and Max sat inside. Don’t worry I saw that episode of Punky Brewster too. I know that Cheri nearly suffocated while choosing an old fridge as a spot to play hide-and-seek. So we didn’t stay in there very long, but boy was it refreshing. Here’s the video of what the refrigerator looks like from the inside with the lights out and a teeny camping lantern to show you the way.


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5 Responses to Family Fun Time, Interrupted

  1. Billy says:

    Yeah, I spazzed out that night. Sorry about that.

  2. kristiane says:

    It was a good night for spazzing. Don’t be.

  3. Bell says:

    Yay, for my new avatar. I told everyone that you were in the fridge.

  4. kristiane says:

    That’s gonna be my new AIM away message, “In The Fridge”

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