It’s that time of year again.  time for me to make a goal I just won’t keep.  It’s National Blog Posting Month.  The month when all the hooligans and geeks whip open their laptops and try to write a blog post every day for a whole month.  

I’d say of the past five years most of my blog posts have been soley about how I never write.  You see, five-ish years ago, tiny little people decided to rule my life.  They’re sleeping soundly now, sure, but most of the time they are creating messes (creatively, of course) that suck all the energy from my soul.

But we’re gonna try this again.  Day one, done.  This promise to post counts as a real post.  Twenty-nine to go.  

See you tomorrow, uh, alligator.

About kristiane

killing spiders with my laser eyes.
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