#2 Window A/C

I live in a log home with no central air (or heat).  You want to get hot in the winter or cold in the summer you do not have the option of using the thermostat.  I grew up in a climate where the temps got very very very cold and also rather hot with added creepy humidity.  I only knew how to change the temp in the house with the dial thermostat in the living room. 

I thought every home was wired with one of these puppies.  Then I moved into my first apartment and learned that you don’t always get to pick a magic comfort number and the home obliges.  Sometimes you have to turn the heat up and down and same with the loud blowing box in your window to cool the house.  While luxury and status may favor the home with vents and quiet, I have come to rely on the whir of my window a/c to sing me to sleep a few months each year.  When I wake up after a night of such bliss I’m greeted in the morning with a chill.   It doesn’t last as I then turn my electronic cooling devices off until the steamy air resumes to save cash. 

Those chilly comfortable nights because of you, dear a/c, make my life complete.  Thank you.   

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