#1 Lavender Lemonade

Its still hotter than Hades, and shall be for awhile.  So for day one let’s celebrate a  beautiful Summer drink, lavender lemonade.  A few weeks ago I added this to the menu at my work and the response has been phenomenal.  At first I was hesitant to even try it for myself.  Lavender and lemonade sounded better suited to be the scents of my laundry soap than something I’d consume.  Thankfully I got over my fear and tested the beverage for myself.  But I mixed it up a bit and made it adult therefore it really is a winner.  Here’s the recipe


Buy a bottle of Monin lavender syrup.  You will have to visit a cash and carry style store that caters to restaurants and coffee shops, get the pump that matches it as well.  Then get some lemonade (the real fresh squeezed variety, Country Time will not do), club soda, and vodka if you’re in the mood.

Get a glass that holds about 12 ounces.  Add two pumps of lavender syrup, a shot of vodka, three ounces lemonade and three ounces club soda.  Top with ice and BAM!  Summer in a glass.  I call it Purple Rain and I sing it when I’m drinking. 

If anyone wants to share other great summer drinks, alcoholic or not, please do!


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