Fifty Days Until Christmas!


That’s right.  Only fifty more days of memories to make for the best season of the year.  It’s time to carpe diem the pants off Christmas.  I do recall quite some years back when I gave you 100 Things to do Before Christmas.  It was a great list, I revisit it each year and try to make sure and knock off a few.  The tree will make its way into my living room on my next day off.  And I’m listening to this right now.  I haven’t made a single plan yet this year, but here are a few things I need to do before the 26th of December.

Go to the theater

I rarely go to the movies these days.  This is very different from my life when I lived in cities.  I’d go to the theater every week or two.  I never missed a movie I wanted to see.  I always loved the theater best in he winter when there are large cardboard displays of Christmas movies that I may not be seeing, but are nice to walk past.  And leaving the building when it’s bitterly cold and you know it’s going to take half the ride home to heat the car up is always a great way to jolt yourself awake after being in a comfy dark theater for two hours.

Buy Presents

I’m an adult and I have many kids in my life.  So the gifts are all about them, and the look on their faces when they open something I so badly hope they enjoy.

Thanksgiving and THE Parade

It’s when the rest of the US decides to embrace the holiday.  They’re not like us, the don’t have Christmas on the brain and in their blood all year.  They have a rule that we must wait for Turkey Day to pass before we get our jingle bells on.  But I am so grateful for when they join me in the season of red and green.  Welcome.

Buy Some Candles

I only have one pumpkin candle remaining and then it’s onward and upward to spruce and snowflake smelling wax.  Not sure how they decide to flavor a snowflake candle, but if they make them I will purchase.

25 Days of Christmas on ABC Family

HERE IT IS!!  The only time of the year to watch ABC Family channel is almost here.  They hit a home run with December 1st, and I may have to stay up past my bedtime to watch it all.

I guess it’s likely I’m the first person to tell you this in 2014, Merry Christmas!  Fifty days is not that long, let’s start celebrating.




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