We’re so close to the presidential election.  Let’s not forget we are also close to an election for literally thousands of other things.  I love voting.  It is very satisfying knowing that how I feel about where I want  my country, state, and county to be heading is counted.  I absolutely consider it an obligation to read all the text in the voters pamphlets, do independent research, and ask advice of those who are more knowledgeable that I when I consider whom/what receives my vote.  If I don’t feel that I understand enough about an issue or race, I simply don’t vote on it.  I have turned in nearly blank ballots in the past, because I don’t want to make guesses on topics which I don’t feel comfortable making decisions.  I voted for friggin’ dohopoki in the 2008 presidential election because I had no faith that either candidate was better than the other.

Frankly, I feel as though politics become more partisan and more disgusting the higher the office.  For whatever reason our country cannot break away from the extreme two party system.  I’m not telling you anything original here, I’m not a political genius by any means.  For the most part I desire to place my head into the sand because I do not see progress being made in the top office in our fantastic country.  All I see is what appears to be a sporting event where two sets of fans support their chosen team to the extent of backing even their worst players because they want their team to win the game. Barf.

In my state this year, we are given the privilege of voting on several issues including the legalization of marijuana, the right for same sex couples to marry, charter public schools, debt limits, taxes voted on by state government, and investments made by the University. I know how I feel about the social issues, but those that focus primarily on finances are not my forte.  At this point I don’t feel confidant enough to make a vote on them, though I am attempting to find out more so that I can possibly make a decision on these issues.

Let’s talk about the social issues.  First, pot.  Because I have two children, I do feel the need to say here, I don’t use marijuana, and while it remains to be illegal I will not.  I have, B.C. (before children)  I had enough sense to NOT use it after having kids (or rather after deciding to try and have children) because smoking pot was not nearly as important to me as being a parent who could not be arrested for partaking.  That being said, I really have no desire to use marijuana ever again.  However, everything I remember from trying the now illegal drug, makes me understand that the fact that it is illegal is absolutely silly.  The fact that our citizens are going to jail for pot is mind boggling.  I really want to vote “LEAGALIZE!”   At the same time, the way in which Washington state has written the law will make it very expensive to produce the product, and will take production out of the hands of the public and into the hands of big corporations.  It will be written much to the tune of tobacco, where as I would feel better if it were to be regulated as alcohol.  So I haven’t chosen my vote here.  I may just vote yay because I am unsure if it will pass at all, but I want to send a message that it ought to be looked at once again.

Next social issue, same sex marriage.  I was raised to believe that being gay was wrong, and gay and lesbian persons were off sinning because of their chosen lifestyle.  Then I met same sex couples.  These couples were doing the same exact things within their relationships that straight people were doing.   Still I  struggled with this issue for a long, long time.  It is very hard to abandon what you were taught would send you to the pits of hell and leave it because you understand that not all of the Bible ought to be taken literally.  If it was I would be with Satan after death because of the tasty bacon I ate yesterday and wore clothes made of two separate fabrics.  Beyond that, we are lucky to live in a nation where we have religious freedom.  I cannot find any reasoning out of religion that should prevent  two persons from marrying each other.  The argument in my voters pamphlet is that marriage is important because of reproduction, which would mean that any couple not reproducing ought not be married?  Same sex couples have marriages which they take very seriously.   They do that already, without a law allowing it.  I think it’s time we recognize those marriages and take the religion out of legal marriage.  If you want to belong to a religion that does not allow same sex marriage, do it.  If you want to be a member of a religion that does not allow interracial marriage, do that too.  If you want to be a member of a religion that allows consented polygamy, feel free.   Keep the government out of your marriage.


I wrote this ramble because, frankly, I am tired of attempting to respond via social networking to the idiotic statements made by people.  I easily get sucked into discussions where people of the same mind frame spew blatant lies because they’re only fueled by those who agree with said lies.  I do love the system of democracy.  I do appreciate a great discussion where those involved share facts in order to come to the best possible solution and method.  But I am so ready to check out and tune out every time I hear someone repeating their chosen talking head in order to make an argument.  Seriously, ignore your parties platform and decide for yourself what you want for our country, states, counties and cities.  Don’t be a puppet.

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