My Morning Shown Through MS Paint.

I’m Really really really trying to blog every day.  It’s a huge goal of mine.  I couldn’t think of anything exciting about my day, or anything noteworthy in my head to write about.  But take my morning and illustrate it with poorly done MS Paint images and suddenly I have a sure way to entertain the masses!

I have a baby.  She’s a bit over 10 months old, and she’s been a good baby.  But sleeping ALL the way through the night is not her strong suit.  Even if she’s only up for two minutes, she does wake up every night.  Not last night.  Last night she slept for TEN STRAIGHT HOURS.   As you can see, Mr Max, my eleven year old son, woke me up asking me to cook him breakfast.  I was so happy to do so, because for the first time in over a year, I slept for eight straight hours.

I don’t get this.  I’m not at all offended.  Most people in public refer to Lucy, my baby girl, as a boy.  Being as she is a baby, you really can’t tell the sex by looks alone.  But I almost always dress her in pink for outings, just so people do know she is indeed of the female race.  I went to the teeny grocery store nearest to our house, where I go quite often and the cashiers know me by name.  And the cashier knows my baby as a baby boy.  I’m seriously wondering how they  are going to behave when finally realize she’s a she and not a he.

Remember that chicken I showed you yesterday?  The one doing the can-can?   I baked that sucker last night.  Tonight I am going to make tacos with the leftovers.  So, I went to get some fresh cilantro.  They were out of cilantro.  I was sad.

Just to the left of the produce aka cilantro section of the teeny grocery store is the beer cooler.  I’d been planning on walking right past the temptation, as we are trying to save cash for vacations and Christmas.  There was nothing I could do to stop my hand from opening that glass door when I saw Jubelale from Deschutes Brewery sitting there all glorious.  Jubelale is not my most favorite winter beer, but it is the most reliable.  It’s only September and tonight I am going to watch the Cleveland Browns get creamed with a WINTER ale in my paw.  Seriously.  Winter beer, already.  YES.

I also bought a bag of Sun Chips to enjoy with my beer and football.  I caved to the crinkle of the chip bag shortly after we got home.  Lucy has been eating solids for about four months now, and I figured she could handle a Sun Chip.  Ugh.  I forget sometimes I cannot even handle corn chips, with their sharp edges stabbing through your throat tissue.  She screamed.  She choked.  She regurgitated.  She survived though.  And then she drank a full glass of water.

That was my morning.  I live a life of crazy I tell you.

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4 Responses to My Morning Shown Through MS Paint.

  1. Jeff says:

    Oh, those chips are a nightmare on the throat! Glad your baby’s OK. I hope we can see more Pilver days through paint again soon.

  2. DJ D says:

    I’m spending today catching up on all of my favorite blogs, which of course includes this one. I loved the vlog. You should do more of that. I can’t imagine being surrounded by that much fire. Where I live, with all of these house crammed right next to each other, and woods behind me…yeah, we’d be screwed.

    Also got a kick out of the 90’s vids. The gelled pretty-boy hair brought back some uncomfortable memories. I spent a little too long every morning in middle school trying to get my hair to look just like that.

  3. kristiane says:

    Someday soon, I hope to catch up on YOUR blog. Here’s an idea: Pics of your gelled hair 🙂

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