My Visit to the Goondocks.

Thirteen years ago I took a trip down the Oregon coast.  I saw the ocean, seals, and plenty of touristy goodness.  Most importantly, I saw the Goonies house.  The Goonies is a film that most in my generation regard as a classic family movie. It’s also a timeless flick, and my ten-year-old loves it now as well.  Upon returning from my trip I was anxious to develop the film in my camera and was devastated when none of the pictures turned out.  This, of course, being a problem pre-digital camera.

A few weeks ago my family ventured back to Astoria, OR and I was determined to secure a picture of myself in from of the Goonie’s house.  But I also got more…

Since my last visit, a sign has been put in place welcoming those fans of the movie wishing to see the house.  There were about six other people there at the same time we were.

Success!  And not only did I get a picture of me and The Max in front of the house, you can also see the current owner apparently walking out of a hole in the wall.  He was super friendly, which was great because I am not certain I would love having people in front of my house all day taking pictures.  I asked Max to do the “truffle shuffle” for me in front of the house while I took a picture, and he refused.  Max then asked the owner of the house to do the truffle shuffle and he only laughed, which was great because that was embarrassing.

Remember in the opening scene, when Chunk pressed a milkshake onto a window and spilled it everywhere while he was watching the police chase?  This is that window.

We didn’t have time to go inside and re-create the scene, next time!

Finally we went to the beach where the Truck race happened in the beginning of the film.  This location is in Cannon Beach, roughly twenty miles from Astoria.  Those rocks in the background are called “Haystack Rock.”  It’s a gorgeous beach, even in the dead of winter.

There you have it.  It looks a bit different without a hundred 4x4s from the 1980’s.  The Max decided while we were at the beach to go swimming, in his clothes.

This kid is a bit nutty 🙂

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5 Responses to My Visit to the Goondocks.

  1. zenestex says:

    The Goonies is, by far, my favorite movie of all time. I NEED to make this pilgramage someday. Nice pics and it looks like a blast! Is the Fratelli’s hideout out there, too?

  2. Jason says:

    Man, I would love to go there some time! Did you happen to go into the convenience store that’s in the deleted scenes? I am so jealous! 🙂

  3. DJ D says:

    Great trip! I would have to take a picture of myself eating a Baby Ruth.

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