A resolution I am sure to break.

It happened again.  The calender ran out and I had to buy a new one.  This New Year was unlike most in the recent past.  We stayed home and partook of a family night complete with Monopoly (I won) and home made party hats. The Max was growing bored around ten o’clock and I figured he would soon fall asleep.  So, I decided to create a New Year’s time capsule.  We drug out the craft supplies and went to work on a new tradition I hope we continue for a long time.

Inside is a piece of paper listing all the things we liked best about 2011.  Of course it began with the arrival of Lucy.  Also, our trip to New Mexico was a highlight.  Around a dozen events made the list of the Pilver Family’s favorites.  I figure we can do this on or around New Years every year.  Someday we’ll have a bunch of pieces of paper with things we loved about each year listed inside a decorated old Skippy container.

I don’t have any resolutions this year.  I would like to become a minimalist in order that I have less things to clean.  Mr. Pilver and The Max are both pack rats, so I doubt that will be accomplished. I know, I’ve got it!  I resolve to blog every day in 2012.  Let’s see how long that one lasts 😉

Happy New Year to you all!

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1 Response to A resolution I am sure to break.

  1. I am a total minimalist living with a man who collects hobbies. 95% of the stuff we own is gear to support his many interests. We are fully equipped to camp, hike, tie trout flies, fish, hunt, build models, train kung fu…but I own next to nothing, so it all balances out. And the less we own, the easier it is to keep things clean. I start to get really fidgety when things get cluttered.

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