Round and Stir Crazy!

I guess “Bunny Belly” as Matt called it is not the image peple want to see when clicking on this site.  I get that.  I was determined to find a dozen or so creepy pregnancy photos and post them to be funny, but I am not feeling particularly funny today. Lucy has the hiccups…again.  She has them two or three times a day.  I’m told they don’t bother her, but I would be annoyed to death.  Wanna watch?

Beyond watching Lucy hiccup, I am trying to embrace hiking.  Every day I demand Mr Pilver and The Max take me for a hike.  We usually go out for thirty to sixty minutes.  Yesterday, I was feeling especially brave and I decided to hike to the top of the mountain behind our house.  It’s not super big.  On a good day when I am not round, I can run to the top and back down in twenty minutes.  We took about an hour to complete the trek yesterday.  I was feeling pretty out of shape the entire time, I am sure I looked out of shape as I paused every two minutes to rest.  But hey, I climbed a mountain at thirty-eight weeks pregnant.

Yeah, I’m living the life here at home.  Baking cookies or muffins every day, trying to create some sort of nesting experience (I really stink at loving to clean), and trying to remind myself that someday these contractions are going to pick up speed and I will have to go into labor.  Speaking of labor, the amazing Amy did just that this weekend, CONGRATS!

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5 Responses to Round and Stir Crazy!

  1. Amy says:

    Thank you! Wow, I almost forgot I had a blog… 🙂 Too funny. I hope you get to have your baby soon, mine is amazing and I can no longer listen to a single country song without crying. I know I went through 23.5 hours of labor but it already feels a little like I watched it happen to someone else. I have to say I’m pretty effing proud of myself.

    And that’s a hell of a hike. You’re nuts.

  2. Dan says:

    I hope this doesn’t sound weird but I’ve never seen a baby hiccup in someone’s stomach and it kinda weirded me out! Not in a bad way but it was definitely something I’d never experienced. I keep waiting to see the news on FB that today’s the day, I’m sure it’s gonna be any time now. Wow, this post really doesn’t make much sense so I’m gonna hush now.

    • kristiane says:

      I figure she HAS to come in the next 20 days. (hopefully less) But Every day I wake up there is a 5% chance I have to go into labor on that day…and the percentage will only go up!

  3. DJ D says:

    Those are some serious hiccups! I would think she was kicking or punching or something. Who knew something as simple as a hiccup could create such a big reaction. So, when she kicks is it about the same, or even more so?

    Congrats on the hike. And like Amy said, you are nuts.

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