I’m pregnant and I cannot stop thinking (or talking) about it…

Mr Pilver and I are debating whether to take some shots like these.

I have come to the point where I am annoying myself.  I have come to that fantastic part of pregnancy known as ‘pre-labor’ which can last from a few hours to a few weeks.  Essentially, my body is gearing up to move a baby from the inside of me to the outside.  Judging from my previous experience in labor aka The Max’s day of birth things will move very very quickly once the ‘pre’ is over with.  I’m OK with this.

I’m not quite thirty-seven weeks along, which is the magical number for when doctors decide it is acceptable to move a baby from the inside of your stomach to the outside.  However, every time I stand up and participate in every day activities such as laundry, dishes, working at the restaurant, I begin to have strong contractions.  These contractions are not real contractions, only Braxton Hicks.  They stop when I lie down, stiff as a board, and do nuthin’.  I have been lying down since last Friday.  I think I may have back-tracked my pregnancy at this point and now she’s not coming until Christmas.

I know most ladies are insanely anxious during the last few weeks of pregnancy, excited to meet their new little bundle.  I am too. My only fear at this point is being in pre-labor for weeks.  It can happen, I have been googling the subject enough the past few days to have read a million stories on the subject.

Other things I have been doing:  watching morning shows such as Today, Good Morning America, and Live with Regis and Kelly.  I have refreshed all my favorite websites as well as facebook every five minutes and nothing exciting is happening there.  My sweet little girl is no longer fetus-like, but instead she is moving about like a real full grown baby in my tummy.  Staring at this is more entertaining than the internet or television.  She often gets her elbow stuck as she stretches out and watching her dislodge it is a nice change of pace from her usual kicks and bends.

Tomorrow I get to go to the doctor.  It will likely be a five minute appointment where I am weighed and the heartbeat is listened to and the size of my stomach is measured.  It’s the same old thing I have been doing for months, yet it is the only thing I have had to look forward to all week and I cannot wait to go.  I’m also hoping that the doc will tell me to get off my lazy butt and allow things to happen.

I am going to have a little baby really really soon.  Even if it’s another four weeks before she comes, that’s only four weeks.  That’s soon.  This entire blog post has been boring, and for this I apologize.  I am the hormonal lady who can only speak about one thing.  Oh, these hormones make me cry too.  It doesn’t have to be a something sad or overwhelming that sets off the tears either.  I wept over a pan of moderately tasty brownies this morning.  I also have hugged The Max 7,564 times this past week.

I just realized I could probably sit and write about all this nothing forever, so I am stopping without a closing paragraph.  I’m just stopping.  Next time I write, if I am still preggo, I may just touch on the stabbing sensations of dilation.  Toodles!

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9 Responses to I’m pregnant and I cannot stop thinking (or talking) about it…

  1. Andrea Peterson says:

    I like all the rambling on being pregnant, personally I miss it!! But you should definately come up with some different poses for the pictures with you and Mr. Pilver maybe include The Max, lol!

    • kristiane says:

      I know I’m going to miss it when it’s over. I actually feel really great and can sleep through the night and have nothing to physically complain about. It’s the ticking time-bomb aspect of ‘when?’ that is killing me 🙂

  2. Babies scare me to death. I wouldn’t know what to do with one if it were in front of me, or what to do with myself if I were gestating one. For the sake of this race, I am glad somebody is willing to make them. Hope your labor is swift and easy.

    • kristiane says:

      I was terrified of caring for a baby before I had my son. I learned quickly that so long as they are healthy, they are easy. They eat and sleep and you cannot drop them. Of course there’s more to it that that, but that’s 99% of it.

  3. Dan says:

    Not a boring post at all Kaybles! I’m excited for you, Mr. Pilver and The Max and can’t wait to see the little one when she’s ready. Like Rev said, when it’s time I hope it goes quick and easy for you.

    • kristiane says:

      Thanks Dan! I know the whole labor thing will not be easy, I am just hoping to not have a freak out moment and I think I’ll be fine. But I freak out a lot. 😉

  4. DJ D says:

    I’m really jazzed about all my friends’ babies that are coming along. I’m also very nervous. I don’t know why, but I am. The whole thing just freaks me out a little bit. I just want everything to be ok.

    And what is the horror that is in that picture? Please don’t let your new little bundle see that. I wouldn’t want to traumatize the poor thing. I may need to seek help myself, now.

  5. Matt says:

    Kristiane, I know you’re 237 weeks pregnant, but every time I see Bunny Belly, I kind of freak. Can you post another entry about those awesome peppers you’re growing?

    It also occurs to me that there is a 50/50 chance that you won’t see this until post-delivery. Never know. If it happens: Congrats!

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