Canning Captcha

Last weekend I found a service berry bush not far from my home.  I was taking a leisurely drive and unprepared for berry picking, but that did not stop me from loading up every cup, can, and bag I had in my car with the deep blue berries.

I headed to town and bought some jars to can the jam I made with the service berries.  Yikes!  I know they are reusable, but jars, they ain’t cheap.  I am determined to find some free or inexpensive jars being as I have a garden full of vegetation that will spoil this fall if I don’t have a place to put it all.

Ding!  Craigslist.  I put an ad on there right away seeking canning jars.  When one places an ad on Craigslist, they are required to look at squiggly letters, or captcha, and enter it in the bank so you can prove you’re human.  It’s annoying but we all have to do it.  I was presented with this image and asked to enter the two separate words with a space in the middle.

Double-you, Tee, Eff?

Okay, the second word is easy, but the first???   Can anyone tell me what that is?

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3 Responses to Canning Captcha

  1. hemp says:

    Since canning jars dont really go bad you can also get them used at the Ann Arbor Kiwanis and at Recycle Ann Arbor. Just make sure the jars are free of cracks or other imperfections….Good things to can this time of year.During this time in the season Apple Butter and Pear Butter are great and easy foods to can.

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