Writeriffic! is a cheesy name for a course, unless it’s a community ed course

My move to Washington state a little over a year ago brought many colossal changes to my life.  I gained a husband, mountains stand everywhere, salt water lies a few hours away, I can now posses cats being as I ditched landlord living.  Speaking of cats, have you met my new kitten?  His name is Ninja!, the exclamation point is indeed in the spelling as he is caraazzyy!

I have no idea how to make this not be upside-down.

New pets and nature aside, I left behind one huge joy in my cross country move.  I cannot attend school right now.  I haven’t secured my residency in this state, and even if I had there’s a lack of local colleges that offer my major.  So, I must wait for college credits.  While I am waiting there’s always community ed.

There’s a local community college, and by local I mean forty-five minutes away, that offers non-credit courses in writing.  Today I begin my first class, WRITERIFFIC!  I am not exactly sure what the course will teach, but from the title it sounds like a blast.

There are twenty-one different writing courses in total.  So, I can keep myself occupied for the time being until I earn my status as a resident.

I must end this blog now, there’s a kitty dancing on they keyboard and typing is most difficult.

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3 Responses to Writeriffic! is a cheesy name for a course, unless it’s a community ed course

  1. Amy says:

    Wow, that seems like a lot of writing courses for a community college. Sounds like you landed in the right place! Our local has things like “Intro to Ebay.” Lame.

    • kristiane says:

      Well, they are online classes that are offered throughout the country at little colleges. There’s people from everywhere in the class. The classes where you actually get desk time are probably more like the ebay one where you are.

  2. Michael says:

    I’m planning on pursuing a master’s and an MBA at online schools (they do indeed have actual physical, tangible campuses. in phoenix, az, actually. lol.).

    I figure…even if the degree ends up being useless relative to “real school” degrees, it’s basically like paying someone to constantly Google-search interesting stuff for you a semester at a time. I’d pay for that…I figured.

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