Mtn Dew Pitch Black-The Review That Doesn’t Matter

Let’s get the obvious out in the open, Matt of X-E reviews Pitch Black Mtn Dew.  It’s really his job and area of expertise.  However, as I stopped to get gas at the crappy gas station in my town where you have to pay inside because the pumps are too old to use credit cards on, (And I did this specifically so I could justify buying a bag of Cool Ranch Doritos inside the store) I spotted the not-so-black soda and I bought it without hesitation.  The Doritos are long gone and I would like more.  The Pitch Black Mtn Dew is still here and I am not so sure about it.

I saw yesterday, that Matt has already reviewed the only available some of the time soda.  I have yet to read this review and I decided I would wait to read until I had a chance to sip it for myself without outside opinions in my head.   I know it was out years back, and I never tasted the original, so I cannot tell you if the recipe is different.  You know who else never tried it?  Billy of VeggieMacabre.  In my last Mtn Dew related post her wrote, “…but I will say, for X-E sake, that they bring back Pitch Black. I missed the boat on that and wish I had another chance.”  This is your chance Billy, don’t let it pass you by…again.

Here’s a bottle of Pitch Black using my neighbor’s barn as a background, also mountains and dew.  No, I’m lying, it’s not dew.  It’s four o’clock in the afternoon and it’s been raining all day.

Before I taste let me give my opinion on Mtn Dew, which I always thought was Mt Dew until I read this bottle today.  I love it.  I love the original stuff and have not ever been overly impressed with the come and go limited edition flavors.  I also have been mostly off the stuff since fetuses don’t need that much caffeine.  Therefore, I don’t think Pitch Black will be my hero.  I really want to take a drink regardless.

***Here’s the part where I take a drink***

Oh no.  I don’t love it.  I don’t even like it.  It’s a grapey tasting Mtn Dew. If I left a grape dum-dum in a bottle of Mtn Dew all day until it dissolved, I believe the taste would be similar.  I am not fond of artificial grape flavoring and this is exactly that.  While I will never buy this beverage again, I will be ever grateful that I did try it and will not have to be out of the limited edition soda loop.  Now I will go read the real review.

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8 Responses to Mtn Dew Pitch Black-The Review That Doesn’t Matter

  1. Dan says:

    Great review kb! I honestly don’t remember if I liked this particular Dew or not so I’m eager to give it another shot. Your review did make me laugh though and I appreciate that, I don’t dew, er do it enough these days. Thank you.

  2. Bad Pants says:

    I actually liked it the first time around, but that’s because it kind of hit my nostalgia button with the cheesy grape flavor PLUS an aftertaste that only Mtn Dew can provide.

    I would not buy this in bulk. This is the kind of thing that would be expressly limited to road trip purchases at 1:23am when the buzz counts for more than the flavor. But, that being said, I have to admit that it’s my second favorite Flavored Dew after the Livewire (orange) which also tastes nothing like “the real thing.”

    • kristiane says:

      I think I’d like it more, being as it does have the Dew aftertaste, if it were not grape. For whatever reason I cannot think og anything but cough syrup when I taste any grape flavoring.

  3. Amy says:

    Ok, I finally found one (at the smallest, non-chain gas station in town no less) and I really like it. But I really like grape flavor so that makes sense.

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