Max’s Walk Home

Every weekday, I rush home from work so I can be present when he gets off the school bus.  Though, I really don’t need to be there.  You see, Max takes around a half hour to walk from the bus stop to our front door.  He is especially slow since there has been snow on the ground.  Max loves snow.  Max eats snow.  Max loves to eat snow.

Today I was peeking out the window and watching his walk as I do every day.  Only this time, I grabbed a camera.  And now, like a good mommy, I am pasting it on the internet.  Enjoy.

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2 Responses to Max’s Walk Home

  1. Sarah says:

    Max won’t appreciate this. He’s a funny guy!

  2. DJ D says:

    All I could think of the whole time was the little brother from A Christmas Story. “Come on guys! Wait uuuuuup!”

    Man, you’ve got an amazing view there. If I had that to look at when I was a kid, making the walk from the bus to the house wouldn’t have been so bad.

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