Suzie’s New Hair-do

Last week, I was in an old warehouse that doubles as a storage unit for an antique dealer.  In a box I saw Suzie, and I grabbed her head and looked at the price tag.  Two bucks.  Well worth it.  I plopped 8 quarters into the box and hoped the dealer of antiques would find the money and understand the head was legally bought and not stolen.

She’s a little creepy, but I figured with a bath, Suzie could be fabulous.  So, I bathed her.

The lens of my camera got all steamy for this shot.  Now, it’s like the dream sequence in Grease when they sang Beauty School Drop Out. Very fitting.  Her hair was a mess, and I should mention she has human hair.  Don’t think it’s too gross, she has writing on her neck assuring me she is lice free.  I sat with an entire bottle of revolting smelling strawberries and cream conditioner and a wide tooth comb for almost an hour getting those snarls out of her hair.

Suzie feels much better since she could run her fingers through her hair if she had fingers.  Now let’s blow-dry!

Bad idea, I even tried  a straightening iron with zero luck.  Suzie is an air dry sort of gal.

Much better.  Her wild curls look sensational with the brightly colored scarf and the mountainous backdrop. Never again will she allow her tresses to become such a tangled mess.  🙂

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4 Responses to Suzie’s New Hair-do

  1. Amy says:

    Susie seems to have been made from my hair clippings. How weird. That “blow dry” pic is exactly why I don’t try to straighten my hair.

  2. mandy_Reeves says:

    Love Suzie! I used to have one of them when I was in Cosmetology school!

    My fave is the men…they have a longggggg beard and super long hair when you first get them.

    It’s like a cross between zz top and a homeless guy who thinks he is Jesus.

  3. themanager says:

    Suzie kills me! I found 3 of her relations at Goodwill but they didn’t look like they were loved as much as she was. If I ever see one again, I’m totally buying it to give it a makeover.

    Suzie has better hair than me…..

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