Job Hunting is Fun!

I have a job, and I like it.  At my job, I make very little money.  No one could call me very materialistic, so for the most part it’s OK that I take home the same amount of cash as a pimply teenager.  But, The Max starts college in nine years, so I have to think of someone other than myself when I consider my current employment status.  Therefore, I look for  new jobs.

Finding a new place of business turned into a fun little hobby of mine.  Sure, I apply at all those places I am well qualified to succeed in, but alongside those boring nine to fivers, I have also been applying at places that will never hire me, ever.

Just last week I applied to be a news reporter, a DJ, and a writer for a well known sports broadcasting company.  The final of those three has passed me onto the second round of eliminations.  I’m a bit shocked, my next steps with the company may actually involve effort on my part.

I have an ink signed rejection letter from  The Late Show with David Letterman.  That may be my favorite rejection for a job inquiry.  I also played phone tag with a newspaper for about a month before they lost all interest.

Some could see this as discouraging.  I proudly cling to my rejections and beaten down efforts.  I’m beginning to believe that starting at the top and working your way down is a far more pleasant ride.

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One Response to Job Hunting is Fun!

  1. Michael says:

    This is how billionaires are made.

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