The Dawn of a New Day

All Hallows Christmas Season Eve is over.  I haven’t posted much this week.  I haven’t even read many blogs.  This is not normal for myself.  I spent the week working and preparing for The Max’s Halloween themed birthday party.  It was a success.  Have a look at my son and one of his guests:

I am thankful and giddy that the kids enjoyed themselves so much.  I am not a party thrower by nature, anxiety consumed me prior to the occasion.

Tonight we ventured out and took candy from the giving.   Max ate steadily the whole way home and crashed immediately following the sugar rush.

Shhhh…don’t wake him.  I need to take down the orange and black decor.  It’s passe at this point.  I’ve participated in secret green and red meetings all autumn long with a fellow Christmas lover and the past few days our excitement nearly boiled over.  There’s no more need to hide the shame, Enjoy.  Buy some eggnog.  Sing a carol.  I’m breaking my Thanksgiving only in November rule.  It’s Christmas time dammit.

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  1. There is a place called “Smokey’s” in one of the little towns where I live (I’m not sure what it is exactly), but the place was littered with Halloween junk out front and as of today it was ALL gone. That was fast. Now they have begun the process of putting out way too much Christmas stuff. I think you and Matt are right. NOW is the Christmas season.

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